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(MARGINAL RECORDS - CDMA 026 [1995]) *

  1-Don't pity me (Stuart-Oliver) Joannie Sommers
  2-Think it over (And be sure) (Verdi) Liz Verdi
  3-Just multiply (White-Wolfson) Varetta Dillard
  4-I wanna know (Gordon) Emmy Lou
  5-My smile is just a frown (Bradford-Robinson) Carolyn Crawford
  6-A kiss to remember you by (Brass-Levine) Susan Rafey
  7-Dream baby (Bono) Cherilyn
  8-But I love him (Kusik-Snyder) Doris Troy
  9-Let me do it my way (David-Dixon) Jo Ann Campbell
10-Just be yourself (Fowler) La Brenda Ben
11-Losin' my touch (Catans-Trinachi) Peggy March
12-The many moods of my baby (Russel) Pat Hervey
13-Don't fight it baby (Mc Coy) Essex
14-Teach me tonight (Botkin) Robin Ward
15-Don't let the hurt show through (Montgomery) Karen Kelly
16-There he goes (Sloan-Barri) Yvonne Carroll
17-I can't hold back the tears (Keller-Ross) Rita Pavone
18-Lost in wonderland (Gates) Connie Stevens
19-Paper tiger (Loudermilk) Sue Thompson
20-The heart you break (Smith) Jo Ann Temple

* (Compilation CD [various artists])
* * *

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